Got photos? Better yet, want to make your photos (past, present, and future) better? Then you've come to the right place.

You have the iPhoto software and a Macintosh, and you've probably already tried out your camera and have a few photos, maybe quite a few. Taking photographs is lots of fun, and you want to ensure that the ones you take are the best they can be. After all, they're treasured moments you want to preserve and share.

My goal is to make you a better photographer, regardless of the camera equipment you use or your photographic experience, by using iPhoto '09. And you're going to have fun doing it.

About This Book

In this book, I show you how to reach your goals — to make your photos the best that they can be. A number of key areas are discussed, including

  • The power and capabilities of iPhoto '09

  • Taking your photos from input, through editing, to final image

  • Editing tricks to enhance your photographic capabilities

  • Printing and electronic sharing

  • Creating photo albums, calendars, cards, and slideshows

Along the way, I'll also give you some techniques to apply before you ever press the camera shutter. They'll improve your ability to capture what you see through the lens and enhance the outcome of using iPhoto '09's powerful toolset.

If you can, take this book with you when you're out photographing your favorite subjects. Although not written as a broad digital photography guide, it's a handy reference and is full of information that will make your photographic excursions ...

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