Chapter 3. Can iPhoto Help Me Keep My Photos Organized?

Can iPhoto Help Me Keep My Photos Organized?

In a relatively short time, you'll accumulate many photos and images in your library. It wastes time (and isn't much fun) to have to browse your photos when you want to view, or do something else, with them. Instead of browsing, use photo albums to collect and organize your photos for viewing or as the starting point for many kinds of projects. Over time, you manage your photo albums to keep them current. And as all that glitters isn't gold, not all photos are worth keeping; part of organizing is removing photos you don't want so they don't clutter your library.

Creating and Configuring Standard Photo Albums

A standard photo album is a collection of photos that you gather and arrange manually (contrasted with a smart photo album where photos are collected automatically based on criteria you specify). Photo albums are a good way to create collections of photos for many purposes, including to view those photos and to use them in projects. The benefit of a standard photo album is that you determine exactly which photos are included and how those photos are organized. The downside of a standard photo album is that it is a static entity; any changes you make to it have to be done directly.

Creating a standard photo album

There are two ways to create a standard photo album. You can create an empty container to which you add photos, or ...

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