Chapter 8. How Can I Use iWeb to Share Photos?

How Can I Use iWeb to Share Photos?

iPhoto is part of iLife, which also includes iWeb. iWeb is an application that, especially when combined with a MobileMe account, makes creating and publishing your own Web sites simple.The software manages all of the complexitiesof site building and provides an intuitive interface that allows you to focus on the content and design of your pages rather than the mechanics of building and publishing a site. iPhoto's iWeb tool sends a group of photos to iWeb and starts the creation of photo pages. Once you complete the photo page, you can publish it to your Web site.

Publishing Photos on an iWeb Web Site

Apple's iWeb application is a template-based tool that you can use to build Web sites by choosing a template for each page on your site and linking the pages together to create an integrated site. You also can add Web widgets, HTML snippets, and other features to your pages.

One benefit of iWeb is that it is very fast and easy to create a site that looks good, even if you aren't artistically or graphically inclined. Another benefit of iWeb is that MobileMe is integrated so you can publish sites to the Web just by clicking a button. Lastly, iWeb requires less effort to maintain and update a site than some other tools do.

Like other iLife tools, iPhoto is designed to work with iWeb so that you can easily publish photos in your iPhoto library to ...

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