Chapter 14. How Can I Create Greeting Cards?

How Can I Create Greeting Cards?

Almost everyone likes to give and receive greeting cards for holidays and special occasions, or, sometimes, just for fun. Generally, the more personalized a card is, the more meaningful it is. With iPhoto, you can create greeting cards that include your photos and text; you can't get any more personalized than that! After you've created your cards, you can have Apple print them, which makes them a great combination of personalization and outstanding quality.

Creating a Greeting Card

As with other projects in iPhoto, you start a greeting card by creating it, selecting the theme for it, and adding the photos you want to include. A card's theme determines its overall style, the number of photos it uses, the format of the text, and other attributes. A greeting card can have from 1 to 16 photos depending on the specific theme it uses.

If you have Apple print your cards, which is usually the case, you need to be aware of the resolution and quality of the photos you are using. iPhoto monitors this and warns you if you use a photo that might not be of sufficient quality to print well.

To get started on a greeting card project, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the photos you want to include in the card. You can create a photo album for the card, add the photos you want to use, and select the album from your library. You can also select photos directly. ...

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