Chapter 15. What Else Can I Do with Photos?

What Else Can I Do with Photos?

If you use it for any length of time, I'm sure you agree that iPhoto is an amazing application. It enables you to do many fun and creative projects with your photos along with more mundane, but equally important, things such as keeping your photos organized. In this chapter, you find a number of useful iPhoto tasks that help you squeeze even more value out of the application.

Sharing Photos on a Local Network

If you have more than one Mac on a local network, and who doesn't these days, you can share the photos in your iPhoto library with any of the people on the network and vice versa. Sharing includes viewing each other's photos and photo albums, as well as copying photos between libraries.

Sharing your photos on a local network

To enable other people to access your photos, you need to share them on the network. To configure iPhoto to share your photos on the network, follow these steps:

  1. Press

    Sharing your photos on a local network
  2. Click the Sharing tab.

  3. Select the Share my photos check box.

  4. Configure which photos you want to share with one of the following options:

    • Select the Share entire library radio button to share all of the photos in your library on the network.

    • Select the Share selected albums and then select the check boxes next to the photo albums you want to share on the network ...

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