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iPhoto ’11: The Macintosh iLife Guide to using iPhoto with OS X Lion and iCloud

Book Description

iPhoto '11 helps you organize, edit, and share your photos. With iPhoto '11 it's easy to organize and manage the thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of photos on your Mac by Faces, Places, and Events. iPhoto '11 also comes with editing and enhancement tools that rival those in expensive photo software. And finally Share what you shoot by publishing photos to your Facebook page and Flickr account or liven up someone's inbox with a beautiful email message designed with your photos. And do it all without leaving iPhoto. Let this book be your complete guide to managing all that iPhoto '11 has to offer. Beyond what other books offer this book guides you in how to work with iPhoto '11 today including integration with with the brand new iCloud service and OS X Lion.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. About the Author
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Read Me First
    1. How the Book Works
    2. Read the Book, Watch the Movies
    3. Join Me Online
  8. Welcome to iPhoto
    1. Import and Organize
    2. Enhance and Improve
    3. Share On-Screen, Online, and In Print
  9. The Rest of Your iLife
  10. iPhoto ’11
    1. iPhoto at a Glance
      1. Beyond the Shoebox
    2. The Essentials of Digital Imaging
      1. Where Digital Images Come From
    3. Importing Photos from a Camera
      1. Tips for Importing Photos
    4. Importing Photos with iCloud’s Photo Stream
      1. Getting to Know the iCloud
      2. Signing Up for iCloud
      3. Setting Up Your iOS Device
    5. How Photo Stream Works
      1. How Photo Stream Works on an iOS Device
      2. How Photo Stream Works in iPhoto
    6. After the Import
      1. Viewing Your Shots
      2. Notes and Tips
    7. More Ways to Import Photos
      1. Using a Media Reader
      2. Importing from the Finder
      3. Importing from Email and Web Pages
      4. Importing from Picture CDs
    8. Importing Tips
      1. Skipping Shots You’ve Already Imported
      2. Dealing with Duplicates
      3. Adjusting Event Settings
      4. Events and Imports from the Finder
      5. File It Your Way
    9. Browsing Your Photo Library
      1. Basic Event Techniques
      2. Displaying More Than One Event
    10. Tips for Working with Events
      1. Hiding Photos
      2. Splitting and Merging
      3. Moving Photos Between Events
      4. A New Event
      5. Flagging Photos
    11. Adding Titles and Captions
      1. Using the Information Pane
      2. Editing Photo Information Directly
      3. Tips
      4. Changing the Date
    12. Faces at a Glance
      1. Naming a Face
      2. More of the Same
    13. Working with Faces
      1. Adding a Missing Face
      2. Notes and Tips
      3. Working in Face View
    14. Tips for Faces
      1. How Face Recognition Works
      2. Improving Recognition
      3. Another Way to Confirm
      4. Forgetting a Face
      5. No Pets, Please
      6. Faces and Smart Albums
      7. Beyond the Corkboard
    15. Places at a Glance
      1. Getting Around
      2. Assigning a Location to an Event
    16. Adding a New Place
      1. Searching Tips
      2. Tips for Adding Places
    17. Exploring and Browsing Places
      1. Exploring by Browsing
      2. Exploring with the Map
    18. Tips for Places
      1. Managing Your Places
      2. Map Options: Terrain or Satellite?
      3. Web Sharing: Privacy Matters
      4. A Cookbook of Custom Places
    19. Assigning Keywords and Ratings
      1. Creating and Editing Keywords
      2. Tips
      3. Assigning Keywords
      4. Keyword Tips
    20. Searching for Photos
      1. Search Box Basics
      2. Searching by Date
    21. Creating Albums
      1. Organizing an Album
    22. Tips for Working with Albums
      1. Albums Are Optional
      2. Album Shortcuts
      3. From Album to Event
      4. Photo Count
      5. To Experiment, Duplicate
      6. Albums and iLife
    23. Creating Smart Albums
      1. Creating a Smart Album
      2. Be More Specific: Specifying Multiple Criteria
    24. Smart Albums, Faces, and Places
      1. Smart Albums and Faces
      2. Smart Albums and Places
    25. Basic Photo Editing
      1. Editing Essentials
      2. Global Versus Local Editing
      3. Edit View at a Glance
    26. Fixing Composition Problems and Red-Eye
      1. Removing Red-Eye
      2. Cropping a Photo
      3. Notes and Tips
      4. Straightening a Photo
    27. Enhancing and Retouching Photos
      1. Using One-Click Enhance
      2. Tips
      3. Retouching a Photo
      4. Notes and Tips
    28. Applying Effects to Photos
      1. Applying Effects
      2. Effective Tips
      3. A Gallery of Effects
    29. Advanced Editing and the Adjust Pane
      1. A Sampling of Adjustments
      2. The Adjust Pane at a Glance
    30. Adjusting Exposure and Levels
      1. Reading a Histogram
      2. Using the Levels Sliders
      3. Using the Exposure Slider
    31. Adjusting Definition, Shadows, and Highlights
      1. Recovering Shadow and Highlight Details
      2. Improving a Photo’s Definition
      3. How It Works
    32. Changing a Photo’s Colors
      1. Adjusting Color Saturation
      2. Tips
      3. Adjusting Color Balance
      4. Colorful Tips
      5. Better Black and White
    33. Sharpening and Reducing Noise
      1. Sharpening Basics
      2. Sharpening Tips
    34. The Big Picture: Full-Screen Editing
      1. Switching to Full-Screen View
      2. Comparing Photos
    35. Editing Tips
      1. How the Saturation Adjustment Works
      2. Copying and Pasting Adjustments
      3. The Keys to Editing
      4. From Publisher to Editor
    36. Shooting in Raw Mode
      1. Choosing Raw
      2. The Basics of Working with Raw Photos
    37. Working with Raw Images
      1. How iPhoto Manages Raw Photos
      2. Editing an Already-Edited Raw Photo
      3. Exporting the Original Raw File
      4. Raw Photos and Photoshop
      5. Saving as TIFF
    38. Using iPhoto with Photoshop
      1. From iPhoto to Photoshop
      2. A Sampling of Elements Editing Ideas
    39. Slide Shows: iPhoto as Projector
      1. Playing an Instant Slide Show
      2. Slide Show Themes at a Glance
    40. Customizing Instant Slide Shows
      1. Customizing Music Settings
      2. Customizing Slide Show Settings
    41. Creating a Slide Show Project
      1. Starting a Slide Show Project
      2. Customizing a Slide Show Project
    42. Creative Options for Slide Show Projects
      1. Using the Ken Burns Effect
      2. Notes and Tips
      3. Zooming in Other Themes
      4. Formatting Title Text
    43. Slide Show Tips
      1. Video in Slide Shows
      2. Instant Slide Show Tips
      3. Where Exported Slide Shows Live
      4. Slide Shows, Facebook, and Flickr
      5. Faces and Slide Shows
      6. Slide Show Strategies
    44. More Slide Show Tips
      1. Use iPhoto to Create Titles
      2. Sharing a Slide Show Using iChat Theater
      3. Sharing an Instant Slide Show
      4. Notes and Tips
    45. Sharing Photos via Email
      1. Setting Email Preferences and Accounts
      2. Creating an iPhoto Email Message
    46. Tips for Emailing Photos
    47. Sharing Photos on Facebook
      1. Facebook Publishing Essentials
      2. Publishing Photos to Facebook
    48. Tips for Facebook Publishing
      1. Editing a Published Album
      2. Removing Your Account
      3. From Facebook to Faces
    49. Sharing Photos on Flickr
      1. Flickr Publishing Essentials
      2. Publishing Photos to Flickr
    50. Tips for Flickr Publishing
      1. Notes and Tips
      2. Locations and Maps
      3. The RSS Angle
    51. Sharing Photos on a Network
      1. Activating Sharing
      2. Accessing Shared Photos
    52. Printing Photos
      1. Printing Standard Prints
      2. Beyond Standard Prints
    53. Customizing a Print Job
      1. Print Settings View at a Glance
      2. Perfecting Your Print
    54. Printing Tips and Troubleshooting
      1. Multiple Copies
      2. Kill the Cropping
      3. Save a PDF
      4. When Prints Disappoint
      5. Preserving Your Prints
    55. Ordering Prints
      1. To Order Prints
      2. Notes and Tips
    56. Creating Photo Books
      1. Book Publishing at a Glance
    57. Planning for Publishing
      1. Dust Jacket Decisions
    58. Book Layout Techniques
      1. Manual or Autoflow?
      2. Working in Two Views
      3. Layout Basics
      4. Working with Photos
    59. More Book Layout Techniques
      1. Adding and Removing Pages
      2. Rearranging Pages
      3. Tips for Book Layout
      4. Tips for the Photo Pane
    60. Creating Travel Maps
      1. Creating a Map
      2. Managing Places on a Map
    61. Tips for Creating Books
      1. Formatting Text
      2. Column Decisions
      3. Spacing Control
      4. More Tips for Text
      5. Photo as Background
      6. Full-Spread Photo
    62. More Tips for Creating Books
      1. Before You Buy
      2. From Book to Slide Show
      3. Print It Yourself
      4. Mirroring a Photo
      5. Changing Stacking Order
      6. Fun with PDFs
    63. Creating a Photo Calendar
      1. The Big Picture
    64. Tips for Creating Calendars
      1. Choosing Photos
      2. Layout Techniques
      3. Adding Photos to Dates
      4. Don’t Forget iCal
      5. Improving Your Calendar Typography
      6. Customizing Photos on Dates
    65. Creating Greeting Cards and Postcards
      1. Creating a Greeting Card
      2. Creating a Flat Card
    66. More Ways to Share Photos
      1. Exporting Web Pages
      2. Exporting a Basic QuickTime Movie
    67. Burning Photos to CDs and DVDs
      1. Burning Basics
    68. Creating and Managing Photo Libraries
      1. Creating a New Library
      2. Switching Between Libraries
    69. Getting Old Photos into iPhoto
      1. Scanning the Options
      2. Scanning Right
      3. Photos, Meet iPhoto
    70. iPhoto Tips
      1. Purchased Songs and Slide Shows
      2. Controlling the Camera Connection
      3. Keywords for Movies and Raw Photos
      4. Entering Custom Crop Proportions
      5. Hiding Event Titles
      6. Rebuilding Your iPhoto Library
      7. Non-Destructive Editing and Older Libraries
      8. Inside the iPhoto Library
    71. More iPhoto Tips
      1. Including Photos in Documents
      2. Caution: Merging Faces
      3. Writing a Book? Use a Word Processor
      4. Emailing Movies
      5. Fun with Mosaics
    72. Mastering Your Digital Camera
      1. Resolution Matters
      2. Shutter Lag
      3. ISO Speeds
      4. White Balance
      5. Sharpness and Color Settings
      6. Custom White Balance
      7. Stay Sharp
      8. Your Camera’s Histogram
    73. Tips for Better Digital Photography
      1. Get Up Close
      2. Vary Your Angle
      3. Avoid Digital Zooming
      4. Position the Horizon
      5. Crop Carefully
      6. Kill Your Flash
      7. Beware of the Background
      8. Embrace Blur
      9. Compose Carefully
      10. No Tripod?
  11. Index