Appendix B. Where to Go from Here

Your Mac, your trusty digital camera, and this book are all you need to begin enjoying the art and science of modern photography. But as your skills increase and your interests broaden, you may want to explore new techniques, add equipment, and learn from people who’ve become just as obsessed as you. Here’s a tasty menu of resources to help you along the way.

iPhoto and the Web

  • Apple’s iPhoto support page ( features the latest product information, QuickTime tutorials, FAQ (frequently asked questions) lists, camera and printer compatibility charts, and links to discussion forums where other iPhoto users share knowledge and lend helping hands. There’s even a feedback form that goes directly to Apple. In fact, each piece of feedback is read personally by top-level Apple executives. (Just a little joke there.)

  • VersionTracker ( is a massive database that tracks, and provides links to, all the latest software for Mac OS X, including the cool iPhoto add-ons described in this book.

  • O’Reilly’s Mac DevCenter ( features the latest Mac software techniques for power users and programmers.

Digital Photo Equipment Online

  • Imaging-Resource ( offers equipment reviews, price comparisons, and forums, all dedicated to putting the right digital camera in your hands.

  • Digital Photography Review ( is similar: It offers news, reviews, buying guides, photo galleries, and forums. ...

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