Chapter 8. Email, Web Galleries, and Network Sharing

Holding a beautifully rendered glossy color print created from your own digital image is a glorious feeling. But unless you have an uncle in the inkjet cartridge business, you could go broke printing your own photos. Ordering high-quality prints with iPhoto is terrific fun, too, but between printing and mailing, you’ll spend a few days waiting on them to arrive.

For the discerning digital photographer who craves both instant gratification and economy, the solution is to put your photos online—by emailing them to others, posting them on the Web, or sharing them with other people on your home or office network.

All of this is particularly easy and satisfying in iPhoto, especially if you’re a fan of Facebook or Flickr. And if you’d rather send electronic photos directly to your fan base (instead of requiring them to visit a website), you’ll find that iPhoto ’11’s new graphical email themes are an unusual and attractive option. iPhoto even remembers each email you send, so you can always see when you sent which photos to whom.

Emailing Photos

Emailing from iPhoto is perfect for quickly sending off a single photo—or even a handful of photos—to friends, family, and coworkers. As you’re about to learn, iPhoto ’11 lets you do it in a gloriously graphical way. However, if you have a whole batch of photos to share (11 or more), consider using the web-publishing features described later in this chapter.

Using iPhoto’s Mail Command

Previous versions ...

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