General Questions

Finally, here’s a handful of general—although perfectly terrifying—troubles.

iPhoto’s wigging out.

If the program “unexpectedly quits,” well, that’s life. It happens. This is Mac OS X, though, so you can generally open the program right back up again and pick up where you left off.

If the flakiness is becoming really severe, try logging out (choose iPhoto’s wigging out. → Log Out) and logging back in again. And if the problem persists, see the data-purging steps on the next page.

Man, this program’s slow!

Installing more memory is by far the best solution to this problem. iPhoto loves RAM like Paris Hilton loves attention.

For an immediate (and less expensive) fix, keep your Photo Library a reasonable size and collapse your film rolls (page 104).

I don’t see my other Mac’s shared photos over the network.

Chapter 9 covers network photo sharing in detail. If you’re having trouble making it work, here’s your checklist:

  • Make sure you’ve turned on “Look for shared photos” in the Sharing pane of iPhoto Preferences.

  • Is the Mac that’s sharing the photos turned on and awake? Is iPhoto running on it, and does it have photo sharing turned on? Is it on the same network subnet (network branch)?

  • Do the photo-sharing Macs have iPhoto 4 or later installed?

I can’t change the name of an album/book/slideshow icon.

Double-click its name, and then type in the new label.

When I try to choose a soundtrack for a slide show, ...

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