Control iTunes from Your Mobile Phone

Use your Bluetooth mobile phone as a remote to control iTunes from across the room.

This hack turns your Bluetooth cell phone or Palm into a remote control for iTunes. Apart from the wow factor when your friends come over for a party, there is a convenience factor too. Want to pause iTunes from your phone? You can. Want to skip to the next track or select a slow-dance playlist to spice things up a little? You can do that too.


For this hack, you need a Bluetooth phone or PDA. If you have any of the following devices, you’re in luck:

Sony Ericsson phone

T630, T628

600, Z608

T610, T616, T618

T68m, T68i


T39m, T39mc

P800 (R1D firmware)


Siemens phone


Nokia phone



Palm OS handheld

palmOne Tungsten T, T2, T3

Sony Clié UX50

On the computer side, all you need to get things going is a Mac with Bluetooth and OS X 10.2 or later. PowerBook G4s come with Bluetooth preinstalled. Bluetooth options are available for an iBook, PowerBook, or Power Mac if you purchase your computer from Apple’s online store and add built-in-Bluetooth to your order. If you already own a Mac sans Bluetooth, D-Link makes an after-market USB adapter (; $45). The adapter plugs into an available USB port (you can even use an extra port on your keyboard on the Power Mac G4 and iMac).


For this hack, your computer and phone must ...

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