Write an iPod Adventure Game

Create your own Notes-based adventure game for your iPod, either for your personal enjoyment or to share with your friends on the World Wide Web.

“Play Games on Your iPod” [Hack #36] introduces the games that are currently out there for the iPod. Right now, the pickings are slim, so you might want to take matters into your own hands. This hack shows you how to create your own iPod adventure game using a nifty piece of software written just for this purpose. If you are a Mac user and want to create your own games, all is not lost. Using the methods discussed in “Write Your Own iPod Book” [Hack #39] , you too can create an iPod adventure game.

iStory Creator from iPodSoft

In addition to offering several free iStories [Hack #36] for download from their web site, iPodSoft also makes freely available iStory Creator (http://ipodsoft.com/iCreator.aspx; free), a tool to help people make their own iPod text adventure games. The software is only available for Windows, but if you have a copy of Virtual PC running on your Macintosh you can run the software in your emulated PC environment and simply drag the completed folder into the Notes directory of your iPod to install the game.

If you do not have Virtual PC and are running Mac OS X or Linux, or if you would simply rather write your masterpiece game/book from scratch, feel free to skip ahead to “Write Your Own ...

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