iTunes Blues

The iPod and iTunes were designed to work hand-in-hand to manage your music, but occasionally, certain things may come between them. Here are a few of the common issues and problems that may interfere with that good old syncing feeling.

The iPod Doesn’t Show Up

Communication is a vital part of any relationship, and the partnership between the iPod and iTunes is no different. If the iPod doesn’t show up as a disk on your computer (or in iTunes) when it’s connected, ask yourself:

  • Are you plugging the iPod’s cable firmly into a built-in FireWire or Windows USB 2.0 port? If you added the FireWire or USB 2.0 card yourself, is it an Apple-approved expansion card, or some cheap third-party card that hasn’t been certified to work with Windows or the Macintosh operating system?

  • Does your computer meet the system requirements (page xix)?

  • If you’re running Mac OS 9, do you have the FireWire Enabler, FireWire Sup-port, and iPod FireWire Enabler extensions all loaded and turned on in your Extensions Manager control panel?

Other reasons the iPod may be shy and not showing up:

  • A bad cable or connector (FireWire or USB 2.0) on either the computer or iPod. Try a different port on the computer and make sure the iPod’s FireWire or USB 2.0 port is unobstructed. If your cable is bent or crimped, it may not be working properly, and you may need to replace it.

  • Other hardware plugged into the FireWire chain may be butting in. Try unplugging the other FireWire devices and plug the iPod directly ...

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