Chapter 10. Syncing Mail, Calendars, Contacts, and Bookmarks

In This Chapter

  • Using iTunes to sync calendars and contacts with an iPod or iPhone

  • Using iTunes to sync e-mail accounts, notes, and bookmarks with an iPod touch or iPhone

  • Using MobileMe to sync an iPod touch or iPhone over the Internet

  • Setting up e-mail accounts on your iPod touch or iPhone

You may choose an iPod classic to play music and videos on the road, but you may also find it useful for viewing the personal information — contacts, appointments, and events — that you manage on your home or office computer. The iPod classic, nano, and older models offer one-way synchronization of personal information from your computer to the iPod. (The iPod shuffle doesn't hold personal information, so this chapter isn't relevant for it.)

The iPod touch or iPhone can take care of all aspects of your digital life: It can send and receive e-mail, keep track of your calendar, sort your contacts, and save bookmarks to all your favorite Web sites as you browse them. You can also add personal info directly to your iPod touch or iPhone, and synchronize that information back with your computer, which is two-way synchronization.

If you're a road warrior, you may want to fill your iPod or iPhone with your personal information. This chapter shows you how.

Applications to Organize Your Life

You already manage your contacts, calendars, e-mail, and Web bookmarks with applications on your computer. Now you can use iTunes to synchronize your iPod classic ...

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