Problems with the iTunes Music Store

The iTunes Music Store arrived on the scene in April 2003. As with any new product, a few glitches and gaps popped up as shoppers stampeded the store. Here are a few of the more common issues or errors you might occasionally encounter when using the service.

-9800, -9815, or -9814 Error

The Music Store is quite persnickety about punctuality and being on time. If you get this negative-sounding numerical error when trying to play a song you bought from the iTunes Music Store—or even when trying to connect to the store—quit iTunes. Set your computer’s clock to the correct time (use System Preferences on Mac OS X; the Control Panel in Windows).

-50 Error in the Music Store (Windows Only)

If you’re using iTunes, but clicking the Music Store icon produces only a blank window, then one of these problems is probably afoot:

  • You’re using an ad- or privacy-filter program, a firewall program, or “Web acceleration” software. Updating to the latest version of iTunes should help.

  • Configure your privacy or security software to permit access to specific Web sites, if it offers this feature. Put and on the list. Now you should be able to get into the iTunes Music Store even when your moatware is enabled.

  • You’re using McAfee Privacy Service, which doesn’t work well with the iTunes Music Store.

-5000 or -35 Error When Downloading (Mac Only)

This error refers to scrambled Mac OS X permissions for the iTunes Music folder. ( ...

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