iPod: The Missing Manual, 5th Edition

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With iPod and iTunes, Apple's gotten the world hooked on portable music, pictures, and videos. One thing they haven't delivered, though, is an easy guide for getting the most from your sleek little entertainment center. Enter iPod: The Missing Manual, 5th Edition-a book as breathtaking and satisfying as its subject.

Our latest edition thoroughly covers the redesigned iPod Nanos, the video iPod, the tiny Shuffle and the overhauled iTunes 7. Each custom-designed page sports easy-to-follow color graphics, crystal-clear explanations, and guidance on the most useful things your iPod can do. Topics include:

  • Out of the box and into your ears. Learn how to install iTunes, load music on your iPod, and how to get rid of that dang, flashing "Do not disconnect" message.

  • Bopping around the iPod. Whether you've got a tiny Shuffle or a big-screen model you'll learn everything from turning your iPod off and on to charging your iPod without a computer. Special coverage for iPod owners with trickster friends: How to reset the iPod's menus to English if they've been changed to, say, Korean.

  • In tune with iTunes. iTunes can do far more than your father's jukebox. Learn how to pick and choose which parts of your iTunes library loads onto your iPod, how to move your sacred iTunes Folder to a bigger hard drive, and how to add album covers to your growing collection.

  • The power of the 'Pod. Download movies, play photo slideshows, find cool podcasts, and more: this book shows you how to unleash all your iPod's power.

iPod is simply the best music player available, and this is the manual that should have come with it.

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Table of contents

  1. The Missing Credits
    1. About the Author
    2. About the Creative Team
    3. Acknowledgements
    4. The Missing Manual Series
  2. Introduction
    1. How to Use This Book
      1. About → These → Arrows
      2. The Very Basics
      3. About MissingManuals.com
      4. Safari® Enabled
  3. 1. Meet the iPod: Out of the Box and into Your Ears in 15 Minutes
    1. Meet the iPod
    2. Meet the iPod Nano
    3. Meet the iPod Shuffle
    4. Installing iTunes
    5. Unpacking and Connecting the iPod
    6. Three Ways to Get Music for iTunes (and iPod)
      1. Letting iTunes find existing songs
      2. Converting music from a CD
      3. Buying music in the iTunes Store
    7. Adding Music to the iPod Automatically
    8. Adding Music to the iPod Manually
    9. Disconnecting the iPod from Your Computer
    10. Charging Your iPod the First Time
    11. Controlling Your iPod with the Click Wheel
    12. Other iPod Ports and Switches
    13. Finding the Music on Your iPod—and Playing It
  4. 2. Bopping Around the iPod
    1. Turning the iPod On and Off—or Putting It On Hold
    2. Navigating the iPod’s Menus
    3. What’s in the Music Menu
    4. What’s in the Photos Menu
      1. Slideshow Settings
      2. Photo Library
    5. What’s in the Videos Menu
    6. What’s in the Extras Menu
    7. What’s in the Settings Menu
    8. Two Other iPod Menu Items
      1. Shuffle Songs
      2. Now Playing
    9. Some Idiot Set the iPod Menus to Greek
    10. Customizing Your iPod’s Menus
    11. Setting Your iPod’s Clock(s)
    12. Using Your iPod as an Alarm Clock
    13. Letting Your iPod Put You to Sleep
    14. Searching for Songs on the iPod
    15. Jumping Around in Songs and Videos
    16. Adjusting the iPod’s Volume
    17. Adjusting the Backlight Timer
    18. How to Keep Your iPod Looking New
    19. Playing Games on an iPod
      1. Brick
      2. Music Quiz
      3. Parachute
      4. Solitaire
    20. Reading the iPod Battery Meter
    21. Charging Your iPod Without the Computer
    22. Locking Up Your Pod
  5. 3. In Tune with iTunes
    1. The iTunes Window: An Introduction
    2. Changing the Look of the iTunes Window
    3. Changing the Size of the iTunes Window
    4. The iTunes Visualizer
    5. Picking the Songs You Want to Rip
    6. Changing Import Settings for Better Audio Quality
    7. Three Ways to Browse Your Collection
    8. Finding Your Songs in iTunes
    9. Shuffling Your Music…and Smart Shuffle
    10. You’re the Critic: Rating Your Songs
    11. Listening to Internet Radio
    12. Sharing Your Music
    13. Changing a Song’s File Format
    14. Evening Out Your Song Volumes
    15. Improving Your Tunes with the Graphic Equalizer
    16. Finding (and getting rid of) Duplicate Songs
    17. Changing a Song’s Start and Stop Times
    18. Editing Song Information
    19. Editing Album Information
    20. Adding Artwork Automatically
    21. Adding Artwork Manually
    22. Finding and Adding Lyrics to Your Song Files
    23. Viewing Artwork and Lyrics on the iPod
    24. What iTunes Can Tell You About Your iPod
    25. Using iTunes to See What’s on Your iPod
    26. Adjusting Your iPod’s Preferences with iTunes
    27. Loading Songs on an iPod from More Than One Computer
    28. Manually Deleting Music and Videos from Your iPod
    29. Automatically Loading Your iPod Shuffle
    30. Manually Adding Music to the iPod Shuffle
    31. Where iTunes Stores Your Files
    32. Moving Your iTunes Music Folder
    33. Backing Up Your iTunes Files
  6. 4. The Power of Playlists
    1. Making a New Playlist
      1. Playlist-Making Method #1
      2. Playlist-Making Method #2
      3. Playlist-Making Method #3
    2. Changing an Existing Playlist
    3. Adding a Playlist to Your iPod
    4. Making an On-The-Go Playlist
    5. Deleting a Playlist
    6. Party Shuffle: When You Want to Play DJ
    7. Smart Playlists: Let iTunes Assemble Your Playlists
    8. Making Playlist Folders
    9. Three Kinds of Discs You Can Burn with iTunes
    10. Burning a Playlist to a CD
    11. Printing Playlists and Snazzy CD Covers
  7. 5. Shop the iTunes Store
    1. Getting to the iTunes Store
    2. An Overview of the Store’s Layout
    3. Navigating the Aisles of the iTunes Store
    4. Setting Up an iTunes Store Account
    5. Changing the Information in Your Apple Account
    6. Tips for Dial-Up Music Lovers
    7. Finding Music by Genre
    8. Buying a Song or Album
    9. Buying Movies or Videos
    10. Buying Audio Books
    11. Buying iPod Games
    12. Downloading and Subscribing to Podcasts
    13. Usage Rights: What You Can Do with Your Purchases
    14. Publishing Your Own Playlists (iMixes)
    15. Other Cool iTunes Store Features
    16. iTunes Gift Certificates: Buying ‘Em and Spending ‘Em
      1. Buying
      2. Spending
    17. Other Ways to Send iTunes Gifts
    18. Using iTunes Allowance Accounts
    19. Making an iTunes Wish List
    20. What to Do If Your Download Gets Interrupted
    21. The Purchased Playlist
    22. Setting Up Parental Controls for the Store
    23. Authorizing Your Computer for iTunes Purchases
    24. Deauthorizing Your Computer
    25. Using Your iPod to Copy Purchases to Other Computers
    26. Seeing Your iTunes Purchase History and Getting iTunes Store Help
  8. 6. Videos Everywhere
    1. Adding Videos to iTunes
    2. Playing Videos in iTunes
    3. Transferring Videos to the iPod
    4. Playing Videos on the iPod
    5. Video Formats That Work on the iPod
    6. Finding iPod-Friendly Videos Online
    7. Video-Conversion Programs for the iPod
    8. Converting Your Own Home Movies
    9. Converting Movie Files with iTunes
    10. Playing iTunes and iPod Videos on Your TV
    11. Burning Your Video Collection to DVD
  9. 7. Picturing Your Photos on the iPod
    1. What You Need to Put Photos on Your iPod
    2. Getting Pictures onto the iPod
    3. Digital Photographer Alert: Storing Full-Quality Photos on the iPod
    4. Viewing Pictures on the iPod
    5. Playing Slideshows on the iPod
    6. Playing Slideshows on a TV
  10. 8. Other Stuff the iPod Can Do for You
    1. Using Your iPod as an Address Book
    2. Using Your iPod as a Calendar
    3. Tracking Time: Your iPod as a Stopwatch
      1. Counting laps
      2. Session logs
    4. Tick-Tock: Your iPod as a World Clock
      1. Adjusting a clock’s settings
    5. Using Your iPod as a Portable Hard Drive
    6. Reading Text Files on Your iPod
    7. Recording Audio with Your iPod
  11. 9. iPod Out Loud
    1. Checklist: Taking Your iPod on the Road
    2. The FM Connection: Playing Your iPod Through a Radio’s Speakers
    3. Connecting Your iPod to a Car’s Cassette Player
    4. iPod and Serious Car Audio Fans: The Custom Installation
    5. Finding a Power Source for Your iPod
    6. Connecting the iPod to a Home Entertainment System
      1. Connecting with an audio cable
      2. Adding an iPod dock
    7. Streaming iTunes Music with the AirPort Express
    8. Playing the iPod Through Portable Speakers
    9. Where to Find Cool iPod Stuff
  12. 10. What to Do When the iPod Isn’t Working Right
    1. Apple’s Alphabet: The 5 Rs of iPod Repair
    2. Resetting Your iPod
    3. Downloading and Reinstalling iTunes and iTunes Updates
    4. Using the Diagnostics Tools in iTunes for Windows
    5. Updating Your iPod’s Software
    6. Starting Over: Restoring Your iPod’s Software
    7. Understanding the iPod’s Battery Messages
    8. Apple’s Tips for Longer iPod Battery Life
    9. Replacing Your iPod’s Battery
    10. AppleCare—What It Is and Whether You Need It
    11. Finding an iPod Repair Shop
    12. Where to Find Apple’s iPod Tutorials, Demos, and Help
  13. 11. Advanced iPodding
    1. Cool Software for Even More iPod Fun
    2. Runners Alert: Use Your iPod Nano to Track Your Progress
    3. Finding Alternative Headphones for Your iPod
    4. Getting Ideas for Playlists
    5. What You Need to Make Your Own Podcast
    6. Recording Your Podcast
    7. Publishing Your Podcast to Your Web Site or Blog
    8. Publishing your GarageBand Podcast to iWeb or the Web
    9. Getting the iTunes Store to List Your Podcast
    10. Where to Get the Latest iPod News
  14. Index
  15. About the Author
  16. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: iPod: The Missing Manual, 5th Edition
  • Author(s): J.D. Biersdorfer
  • Release date: November 2006
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9780596529789