Stream iTunes Music with Airport Express

What do you get when you mix an existing home Wi-Fi network with iTunes and Airport Express (Apple's portable wireless base station)? Music anywhere you want it. Stream your songs throughout your home by plugging one of these coaster-sized devices anywhere you've got a stereo. If you don't have an AirPort Express, you can buy one for $99 at and other places. Here's how to get started:

Plug the AirPort Express into an electrical outlet near the stereo (or a pair of powered speakers). Repeat this step if there's anywhere else you want to beam your music.

Connect your stereo system or powered speakers to the AirPort Express. After you plug the Airport Express into the wall, use a Y-shaped cable (the one with the two RCA plugs on one end and the miniplug on the other, mentioned earlier in this chapter) to connect the AirPort Express to the stereo system or a pair of powered speakers. If your system has a digital Toslink port, you can also use a digital fiber optic cable to connect the two instead for better sound. (Speakers that use a USB connection don't work with AirPort Express.)

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Install the AirPort Utility software from the CD in the box. The Utility program (Start→All Programs→Airport [Applications→Utilities→Airport]) walks you through the setup process, automatically picking up your Wi-Fi settings and prompting you ...

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