Chapter 3. Touring the Touch

Ttraditional iPods may have their wheels and buttons, but the iPod Touch brings a whole new level of control to your fingertips. In fact, your fingertips are the way you control the functions on this very special iPod. Instead of scrolling and clicking through menu after menu, the iPod Touch gives you a set of icons on its Home screen. Tap one and you instantly drop into the place you want to be—whether it’s on the World Wide Web, amongst your favorite tunes, or in your collection.

This chapter gives you a close-up look at where to find everything on your iPod Touch, and how to customize it to your own personal preferences. And, because playing music on this iPod is truly a hands-on experience, you’ll learn everything you need to get your tunes cranked up and responding to your every tap.

Turn iPod Touch On and Off

The iPod Touch has only two physical buttons on the outside. The Sleep/Wake button is the skinny black one on Touch’s top-left edge.

Pressing this tiny sliver of a button once puts the Touch to sleep—that is, into Standby mode. Pressing it again turns on the screen, so it’s ready for action.

This small button also works as an On/Off switch for when you want to shut the iPod completely down; just press it down until the screen goes black and a red arrow commanding you to “Slide to power off” appears. Slide your finger across the screen to power down the ‘Pod. Press the Sleep/Wake button when it’s time to turn on the Touch again.

The Home Button and ...

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