Chapter 5. Surf the Web and Manage Email On the Touch

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You’ll learn to:

  • Get your Touch online

  • Use Safari’s new features

  • Create and sync bookmarks

  • Post links to Facebook and Twitter

  • Write, send, and recieve email

  • Set up an iCloud account

IF YOU HAVE AN iPod Touch, you know that it can download and run apps from the App Store (Chapter 6). But your Touch comes with a preinstalled app that, in terms of cool factor, is the equal of anything you can find in Apple’s online emporium: Safari, Apple’s versatile web browser, scaled down and redesigned for your Touch. Safari lets you comfortably surf the World Wide Web from wherever you can hop onto a WiFi connection.

You may already use Safari on your Mac, so using it on your Touch will feel familiar. But browsing on the Touch is a little different from surfing on a full-size computer screen, with little being the operative word here. Never fear—this chapter shows you the techniques, tips, and tricks you need to get big results out of that small window to the Web.

Surfing with Safari isn’t the only advantage of a WiFi-enabled Touch. You can use Apple’s free online storage locker, iCloud, to keep your contacts, calendars, and other personal information in sync across your computer and all your devices running iOS 5 and later.

Get Your WiFi Connection

TO JUMP ONTO THE Web with your Touch, you first need to get connected to the Internet. That’s pretty easy, ...

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