iPod: The Missing Manual, 9th Edition

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Apple's iPod still has the world hooked on portable music, pictures, videos, movies, and more, but one thing it doesn't have is a manual that helps you can get the most out this amazing device. That's where this book comes in. Get the complete scoop on the latest line of iPods and the latest version of iTunes with the guide that outshines them all -- iPod: The Missing Manual.

The 9th edition is as useful, satisfying, and reliable as its subject. Teeming with high-quality color graphics, each page helps you accomplish a specific task -- everything from managing your media and installing and browsing iTunes to keeping calendars and contacts. Whether you have a brand-new iPod or an old favorite, this book provides crystal-clear explanations and expert guidance on all of the things you can do:

  • Fill 'er up. Load your Nano, Touch, Classic, or Shuffle with music, movies, and photos, and learn how to play it all back.
  • Tour the Touch. Surf the Web, use web-based email, collect iPhone apps, play games, and more.
  • Share music and movies. Copy music between computers with Home Sharing, beam playlists around the house, and whisk your Nano's videos to YouTube.
  • iTunes, tuned up. Pick-and-choose which music, movies, and photos to sync; create instant playlists with Genius Mix; and auto-rename "Untitled" tracks.
  • iPod power. Create Genius playlists on your iPod, shoot movies on your Nano, use the Nano's FM radio and pedometer, and add voice memos to your Touch.
  • Shop the iTunes Store. Find what you're looking for in a snap, whether it's music, movies, apps, lyrics, or liner notes.

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Table of contents

  1. The Missing Credits
    1. About the Authors
    2. About the Creative Team
    3. Acknowledgements
    4. The Missing Manual Series
  2. Introduction
    1. How to Use This Book
      1. About→These→Arrows
      2. The Very Basics
      3. About the Missing CD
      4. Registration, Feedback, and Errata
      5. Safari® Books Online
  3. 1. Meet the iPod: Out of the Box and Into Your Ears in 15 Minutes
    1. Meet the iPod Touch
    2. Meet the iPod Nano
    3. Meet the iPod Shuffle
    4. Meet the iPod Classic
    5. Install iTunes
    6. Unpack and Set Up Your iPod
    7. Charge Your iPod for the First Time
    8. Three Ways to Get Music into iTunes (and onto Your iPod)
      1. Import Existing Songs into iTunes
      2. Import a CD
      3. Buy Music in the iTunes Store
    9. Get Stuff onto the iPod Touch: The Quick Way
    10. Manually Load Your iPod Touch
      1. Manual Method #1
        1. Manual Method #1
        2. Manual Method #2
        3. Manual Method #3
    11. Get Stuff onto the iPod Nano or Classic: The Quick Way
    12. Manually Load the iPod Nano or Classic
    13. Fill Up Any iPod Automatically
    14. Manually Load Your iPod Shuffle
    15. Disconnect Your iPod from Your Computer
    16. Buttons and Jacks on the iPod Touch
    17. Finger Moves for the iPod Touch
    18. Nano and Classic Ports and Switches
    19. Control the iPod Nano or Classic
      1. iPod Nano
      2. iPod Classic
    20. Find the Music on Your iPod—and Play It
      1. Find Music on Your iPod Touch
      2. Find Music on Your Nano
      3. Find Music on Your Classic
  4. 2. Bopping Around the iPod Nano, Shuffle, and Classic
    1. Navigate the iPod Nano’s Menus
      1. The Nano Settings Menu
    2. Navigate the iPod Classic’s Menus
    3. What’s in the Classic’s Music Menu
    4. What’s in the Classic’s Videos Menu
    5. What’s in the Classic’s Photos Menu
      1. All Photos
      2. Slideshow Settings
    6. What’s in the Classic’s Podcasts Menu
    7. What’s in the Classic’s Extras Menu
    8. What’s in the Classic’s Settings Menu
    9. Other Nano and Classic Menus: Shuffle Songs, Now Playing, and Cover Flow
      1. Shuffle Songs
      2. Now Playing
      3. Cover Flow
    10. Customize Your iPod’s Menus
    11. Set the iPod’s Clock
    12. Use the iPod Classic as an Alarm Clock
    13. Search for Songs on the iPod Classic
    14. Jump Around Within Songs and Videos
    15. Adjust the iPod’s Volume
    16. Charge Your iPod Without Your Computer
    17. Play FM Radio on the iPod Nano
    18. Play Games on an iPod Classic
      1. Klondike
      2. iQuiz
      3. Vortex
  5. 3. Touring the Touch
    1. Turn the Touch On and Off
    2. The Home Button and Home Screen
    3. What’s in the Music Menu
    4. What’s in the Videos Menu
    5. What’s in the Photos Menu
    6. What’s in the Settings Menu
    7. Other Icons on the Touch Home Screen
    8. Play Around Game Center
    9. Make FaceTime Calls
    10. Map Your Way with WiFi
    11. Use the Touch Keyboard
    12. Cut, Copy, Paste, and Replace by Touch
    13. Install (and Uninstall) New Apps
    14. Manage Apps in iTunes
    15. Snap Photos with the Touch Camera
    16. Shoot and Edit Videos on the Touch
      1. Editing Video on the Touch
    17. Share and Upload Photos and Videos
    18. Cover Flow in Motion
    19. Explore the Now Playing Screen
    20. Control Music on the Now Playing Screen
    21. Set Up Mail Accounts
    22. Use Email on the Touch
    23. Organize Apps in Folders
    24. Multitask on Your Touch
  6. 4. iTunes Basics
    1. The iTunes Window: An Introduction
    2. Change the Look of the iTunes Window
    3. Change the Size of the iTunes Window
    4. Import Specific Songs from Your CDs
    5. Change Import Settings for Better Audio Quality
    6. Four Ways to Browse Your Collection
    7. Get a Bird’s-Eye Look at Your Collection with Grid View
    8. Search for Songs in iTunes
    9. Shuffle Your Music in Many Ways
    10. Animate Your Songs: iTunes Visualizer
  7. 5. iTunes Power Moves
    1. You’re the Critic: Rate Your Music
    2. Listen to Internet Radio
    3. Share Your iTunes Music and Videos
      1. Copy Files with Home Sharing
    4. Change a Song’s File Format
    5. Set Up Multiple iTunes Libraries
    6. Improve Your Tunes with the Graphic Equalizer
    7. Change a Song’s Start and Stop Times
    8. Edit Song Information
    9. Edit Album Information
    10. Fetch Missing Album Covers
    11. Replace Album Covers Manually
    12. Find and Add Lyrics to Your Song Files
    13. View Lyrics on the iPod
    14. What iTunes Can Tell You About Your iPod
    15. Adjust Your iPod’s Syncing Preferences with iTunes
    16. Load Songs onto an iPod from More Than One Computer
    17. Manually Delete Music and Videos from Your iPod
    18. Where iTunes Stores Your Files
    19. Move the iTunes Media Folder to an External Drive
    20. Copy Your Music from iPod to iTunes
    21. Back Up Your iTunes Files to Disc
  8. 6. The Power of Playlists
    1. Make a New Playlist in iTunes
      1. Playlist-Making Method #1
      2. Playlist-Making Method #2
      3. Playlist-Making Method #3
    2. Change an Existing Playlist
    3. Add a Playlist to Your iPod
    4. Delete a Playlist
    5. Make and Edit Playlists on the iPod Touch and Nano
    6. Make a Playlist on an iPod Classic
    7. Make a Genius Playlist in iTunes
    8. Make a Genius Playlist on the iPod
    9. Genius Mixes in iTunes
    10. Genius Mixes on the iPod
    11. Publish Your Own Playlists (iMixes)
    12. Smart Playlists: Another Way for iTunes to Assemble Your Songs
    13. iTunes DJ: Get the Party Started
    14. Three Kinds of Discs You Can Create with iTunes
    15. Burn a Playlist to a CD
    16. Print Playlists and Snazzy CD Covers
  9. 7. Shop the iTunes Store
    1. Get to the iTunes Store
    2. Shop the iTunes Store via WiFi
    3. The iTunes Store Layout
    4. Navigate the Aisles of the iTunes Store
    5. Set Up an iTunes Store Account
    6. Change the Information in Your Apple Account
    7. Find Music by Genre
    8. Buy a Song or Album
    9. Buy or Rent Movies and TV Shows
    10. Buy iPod Touch Apps
    11. Buy iPod Games
    12. Buy Audio books
    13. Download and Subscribe to Podcasts
    14. What to Do if Your Download Gets Interrupted
    15. Other Cool iTunes Store Features
    16. Ping Your Way to New Music
    17. Give the Gift of iTunes
    18. Plan Ahead: Wish Lists
    19. iTunes Allowance Accounts
    20. Set Up Parental Controls for the Store
    21. Adjust Your Store Preferences
    22. Usage Rights: What You Can Do with Your Purchases
    23. Authorize iTunes Purchases on Multiple Computers
    24. Deauthorize Your Computer
    25. Use Your iPod to Copy Purchases to Other Computers
    26. See Your iTunes Purchase History and Get iTunes Store Help
    27. Buy Songs from Other Music Stores
  10. 8. It’s Showtime: Video on the iPod
    1. Add Your Own Videos to iTunes
    2. Play Videos in iTunes
    3. Transfer Videos to Your iPod
    4. Video Formats That Work on the iPod
    5. Play Videos on the iPod Touch
      1. Zoom/Unzoom
    6. YouTube Videos on the Touch
      1. Find and Play Videos
      2. YouTube Video controls
    7. Play Videos on the iPod Classic
    8. Play iTunes and iPod Videos on Your TV
  11. 9. Picture Your Photos on the iPod
    1. Set Up: Get Ready to Put Photos on Your iPod
    2. Get Pictures onto Your iPod
    3. View Photos on the iPod Touch
    4. View Photos on the iPod Nano or Classic
    5. Digital Photographer Alert: Store Full-Quality Photos on Your iPod
    6. Play Slideshows on Your iPod
      1. Slideshow Settings on an iPod Touch or Nano
      2. Slideshow Settings on the iPod Classic
    7. Play Slideshows on Your TV
      1. For the iPod Touch and 2010 Nano
      2. For the iPod Classic and Video Nano
  12. 10. The iPod as Personal Assistant
    1. The iPod as Address Book
    2. The iPod as Calendar
    3. Track Time: The iPod as Stopwatch
      1. iPod Touch and Nano
      2. iPod Classic
    4. Count Steps: The iPod Nano as Pedometer
    5. Voice Memos: The iPod as Audio Recorder
    6. Tick-Tock: The iPod as a World Clock
      1. Add a Clock on Your iPod Touch
      2. Add a Clock to Your iPod Classic
    7. The iPod as Portable Hard Drive
    8. The iPod as eBook and Text Reader
      1. Read eBooks on the iPod Touch
      2. Read Text Files on the iPod Classic
  13. 11. Surf the Web with the iPod Touch
    1. Get Your WiFi Connection
      1. Find More Hot Spots
      2. Use Commercial Hot Spots
    2. Take a Tour of Safari
    3. Zoom and Scroll Through Web Pages
    4. Surf with Safari
    5. Create and Use Safari Bookmarks
      1. Add a New Bookmark
    6. Edit and Organize Bookmarks and Folders
    7. Sync Bookmarks with iTunes
    8. The Safari History List
      1. Erase the History List
    9. Tap Links
    10. RSS Feeds and Mobile-Friendly Sites
      1. RSS Feeds
      2. Mobile-Friendly Sites
    11. Search the Web
      1. Change Your Default Search Engine
    12. Play Online Audio and Video
    13. Social Networking on the iPod Touch
    14. Use Multiple Web Pages
    15. Use Safari Security
    16. Use MobileMe to Keep Data in Sync
      1. Set Up MobileMe on a PC or a Mac
      2. Set Up MobileMe on the Touch
  14. 12. iPod and iTunes Out Loud
    1. Take Your iPod on the Road
    2. Connect the iPod to a Home Entertainment System
      1. Connecting with an Audio Cable
      2. Connecting with an iPod Dock
    3. iPod Speaker Systems
    4. Stream iTunes Music and Video
      1. Make AirPort Express Sing
      2. View Video and Photos with Apple TV
      3. Using the iPod Touch as a Remote
    5. Find a Power Source for Your iPod
    6. Where to Find Cool iPod Stuff
  15. 13. What to Do When Your iPod Isn’t Working Right
    1. Apple’s Alphabet: The Five “Rs” of iPod Repair
    2. Reset Your iPod
    3. Download and Reinstall iTunes and iTunes Updates
    4. Use the Diagnostics Tools in iTunes for Windows
    5. Update the iPod’s Software
    6. Start Over: Restoring Your iPod’s Software
    7. Understanding the iPod’s Battery Messages
    8. Apple’s Tips for Longer iPod Battery Life
    9. Replace Your iPod’s Battery
    10. AppleCare—What It Is and Whether You Need It
  16. Index
  17. About the Author
  18. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: iPod: The Missing Manual, 9th Edition
  • Author(s): J.D. Biersdorfer
  • Release date: October 2010
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781449390471