Chapter 7. The Songs Remain the Same

In This Chapter

  • Locating items by artist, album, or playlist

  • Repeating and shuffling a song list

  • Creating and saving On-The-Go and Genius playlists

  • Changing the volume level and volume limit

Even though the iPod and iTunes have irrevocably changed the entertainment industry and how you enjoy music, one thing remains the same: You still play songs. You just play them with more panache on your iPod touch.

The Songs Remain the Same

You can pick any song that you want to hear at any time. You can also shuffle through songs to get an idea of how wide your music choices are or to surprise yourself or others. Browse by artist and album, select a playlist, and even create playlists on-the-fly — this chapter explains it all.

Locating "A Song for You"

With so many songs on your iPod touch, finding a particular song by its title may take longer than finding it another way — like finding a needle in a haystack or even trying to find "Needle in a Haystack" by The Velvelettes. It may be faster to locate albums by cover art or to find songs by searching for artist (or composer), genre, album, or playlist. You can browse your music any number of ways without interrupting the music you're playing.

Going with the Cover Flow

Cover Flow (also called the cover browser) lets you flip through your cover art to select music alphabetically by artist. Choose Music from the Home screen and then turn the iPod ...

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