Chapter 19 Next Generation Protocols 317
using it as a loadable kernel module where possible is highly rec-
ommended. Scripts are provided to install and patch system files, as
LFTP ( A command-line client for file download via
FTP and HTTP that supports IPv6.
Quake for IPv6 (
shtml) An IPv6-capable Quake client, published by the Canadian
research and consulting firm, Viagenie.
FreeS/WAN with IPv6 support (
downloadframe/index.html) IPv6-enabled version of the FreeS/
WAN IPsec-based VPN software for Linux.
Java for IPv6 (
Code that makes it possible to read and write in IPv6-sockets and
IPv6-multicast sockets within Java, as long as you have IPv6 enabled
on your Windows (9x/NT) computer.
Many other applications are being adapted for use with IPv6, including
the popular Apache Web server; Mozilla and Lynx browsers; mail
agent programs Exim, qmail, Sendmail, and Fetchmail; as well as net-
work monitoring and network conferencing programs. A good place to
start looking for IPv6-enabled applications is the IPv6 Forum Web site, In addition to links to applications, the IPv6 Forum
serves as a clearinghouse for information about IPv6 internationally.
19.4 Adding IPv6 Support
KAME is the premier IPv6 implementation (see Chapter 21), written
for the FreeBSD operating system, and used by Apple for their OS X
server (Jaguar) that supports IPv6. The leader of the KAME project,
Jun-ichiro itojun Itoh, is also a prolific developer and writer, and he
wrote an excellent guide for programmers who’d like to add IPv6
support to their network applications. The document is available at

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