A typical workflow with Git branching

A distributed version control system such as Git is designed for complex and nonlinear workflows typical in interactive computing and exploratory research. A central concept is branching, which we will discuss in this recipe.

Getting ready

You need to work in a local Git repository for this recipe (see the previous recipe, Learning the basics of the distributed version control system Git).

How to do it…

  1. We create a new branch named newidea:
    $ git branch newidea
  2. We switch to this branch:
    $ git checkout newidea
  3. We make changes to the code, for instance, by creating a new file:
    $ touch newfile.py
  4. We add this file and commit our changes:
    $ git add newfile.py
    $ git commit -m "Testing new idea."
  5. If we are happy with ...

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