Chapter 5. Installation and administration of WebSphere Host Publisher Server 121
5.2.4 Saving and restoring Host Publisher Server
The installation and configuration process is completed in two separate stages. Saving the
information for restore is also performed by two separate procedures.
The installation process performs the initial restoration of the Host Publisher licensed product
files from the media to the server. The configuration process runs from the installed (or
restored) Host Publisher directory and does all the remaining setup tasks. This includes
setting up the UserData area of Host Publisher and configuring WebSphere Application
Server for Host Publisher.
An example set of the save/restore commands is shown here:
Saving the licensed program and UserData/HostPublisher:
For the licensed program part of Host Publisher on iSeries, you can use the iSeries
For saving the UserData part of Host Publisher, you can use the command:
SAV DEV('/qsys.lib/qgpl.lib/hpdata.file') OBJ(('/QIBM/UserData/HostPublisher’)
In this example a save file hpdata in QGPL is used.
Restoring the licensed programs and UserData/HostPublisher:
You must use these three commands:
MKDIR DIR(‘/QIBM/UserData/HostPublisher’)
RST DEV('/qsys.lib/qgpl.lib/hpdata.file') OBJ(('/QIBM/UserData/HostPublisher’))
After restoring, you must re-run the configuration with the cfgHPsvr command. You must also
redeploy the Host Publisher customer applications in the WebSphere Application server.
5.2.5 Uninstalling Host Publisher Server
To uninstall Host Publisher Server Version 4.0 on OS/400, follow these steps:
1. Sign on to the server using a profile that has *SECOFR authority.
2. If Host Publisher was configured for WebSphere Advanced Edition, complete these steps:
a. Run the command:
b. If the subsystem is not running, run the command:
c. Select option 5 for the QEJBADMIN job or the ADMIN job listed for your administrative
d. Select option 10 to view the job log, and verify that the Ready message is displayed.
Note: Refer to WebSphere Application server documentation for more information on
saving WebSphere applications. You can find it on the Web at:

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