122 iSeries Access for Web V5R2 and WebSphere Host Publisher V4.0
3. Run the command:
4. If Host Publisher was configured for WebSphere Advanced Single Server Edition, restart
WebSphere to remove any Host Publisher configuration information that may still be
loaded in memory:
a. Run the command:
b. Run the command:
c. When the QEJBAES4 subsystem ends, run the following command to restart
d. Verify whether WebSphere is running.
e. Enter with command:
5.2.6 Uninstalling Host Publisher Studio
To uninstall Host Publisher Studio, perform the following steps:
1. From the Windows Control Panel, click Add/Remove Programs.
2. Select IBM Host Publisher Studio.
3. Click Change/Remove.
5.3 Using Host Publisher Server Administration
Host Publisher Server Administration is a part of Host Publisher Server. Host Publisher
Server provides a runtime environment needed to run J2EE applications that access Host
Publisher Integration Objects. Host Publisher Server Administration enables you to manage
those middleware components.
Host Publisher Server Administration is Web-based. You perform administration tasks using a
Web browser, through a user interface provided by the Host Publisher Server Administration
servlet, HPAdminServlet. Using Host Publisher Server Administration, an administrator with
the proper authentication can perform the following types of tasks:
Selecting a host and application server.
Monitoring server status, including starting and stopping Host Publisher Server.
Supplying passwords required by Host Publisher Server.
The IFS root directory (/QIBM/UserData/HostPublisher) is not removed because it
may contain your user data.
OS/400 authorization lists QSYS/QHPNPAUTL and QSYS/QHPNDAUTL are left on
the system because they are in use, securing /QIBM/UserData/HostPublisher.
Any files that were copied into the original directory tree root at
/QIBM/ProdData/HostPublisher are deleted.
Chapter 5. Installation and administration of WebSphere Host Publisher Server 123
Managing licenses, which includes changing the allowed number of licenses on a server
running one or more instances of Host Publisher Server. There is one exception that if you
are running Host Publisher as part of iSeries Access for Web, you must use the iSeries
licensed management product to change the number of licenses allowed instead of using
Host Publisher Server Administration.
Administer connections and connection pools. This includes displaying pool definitions,
pool status, and the status of active connections for Host Publisher Server.
Display user lists.
Performing problem determination. This includes viewing trace and log files and setting
various options for tracing and logging.
Administering the XML Gateway. This incudes configuring XML Gateway to access hosts
and host applications and creating a portal for accessing hosts and host applications.
Note: This chapter discusses WebSphere Host Publisher Server Administration after the
installation and configuration items. You may prefer to read Chapter 6, Using Host
Publisher Studio to develop J2EE applications on page 141, first, and then return to this

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