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It All Matters

Book Description

The all-encompassing framework for achieving the life of your dreams

It All Matters presents a framework for the rest of your life. What are those dreams you would only dare to dream if there was no possibility of failure? How can you live a life of real intention and purpose instead of duty and obligation? This book answers these questions and more. Everyone has the capacity to author their own destiny; it's not our circumstances that shape our lives, it's our response to those circumstances that either propels us to great heights or keeps us stuck in the mud. Here, author Paul Cummings shares one of the most comprehensive goal setting systems ever put into print. Based on the key U.B.U. process—Understand who you are, Be true to yourself, and always be Unique—this framework gives you the power to transform your life. Through a fast-moving series of engaging stories, you'll learn how to question yourself to greatness as you begin to think in bigger and more positive terms.

Professionals from across the globe have implemented this framework to achieve what they truly wanted out of life—isn't it your turn? This enlightening guide teaches you the revolutionary strategies that can help you make big things happen.

  • Dig deep to find your real dreams, and set a plan to achieve them
  • Discover the core principles the form the foundation for success
  • Learn the art of self-questioning as a motivational tool
  • Implement a comprehensive, proven system for getting what you want

You are one great question away from everything you ardently desire at all times. Are you ready to take the leap? It All Matters shifts your perspective to let you see the shining path ahead.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Acknowledgments
    1. My Big “Why”
  4. Introduction
    1. A Moment in Time
  5. Part One: Confidence
    1. 1 Where It All Began
      1. The Power of a Single Decision
      2. My Action Plan (MAP)
    2. 2 The Journey Begins
      1. Lessons on Positive Thinking
      2. Question Your Mindset Up
    3. 3 Components of Mindset
      1. Heart and Mind
      2. Get Up Early and Start Your Engine
      3. Time Is Too Precious to Waste
  6. Part Two: Clarity
    1. 4 The Power of Goals
      1. Step 1: What Do You Really Want?
      2. The Magic Formula
      3. The Goal‐Setting Formula
      4. What Do You Really Want?
      5. Goal‐Setting Toolkit Instructions
    2. 5 Create a Compelling Future
      1. Step 2: See the Goal in Your Mind's Eye
      2. Puppy for Sale
    3. 6 A Goal Is a Commitment with a Deadline
      1. Step 3: A Starting Date and a Completion Date
      2. The Bottom Line
    4. 7 Written in Stone
      1. Step 4: The Power of “I Will” Statements
      2. Goal‐Setting Toolkit: “I Will” Statements
    5. 8 Stopping‐Stones and Stepping‐Stones
      1. Steps 5 and 6: The Obstacles and Benefits
      2. Complete the Action Plan
    6. 9 Never Leave Home without It
      1. Steps 7 and 8: The Price and the Plan
      2. You Must Plan
      3. Goal‐Setting Toolkit: Planning the Day
      4. Prepare and Execute a “Daily Activity Plan” Kind of Life
      5. Paying the Price Toolkit
    7. 10 Pursue Wisdom and Understand Fear
      1. Steps 9 and 10: Learning, Usage, and Massive Action
      2. The Wisdom Toolkit
      3. Resolve and Massive Action
      4. Fear and Resolve
  7. Part Three: Certainty
    1. 11 The Pathway to Dreams
      1. The Ingredients of Success
    2. 12 Planning, Practice, and Preparing
      1. Gold at the End of Effort
      2. You Must Be Willing to Stand
      3. Pen in Hand
      4. A Story about Preparation
    3. 13 The Power of Attitude
      1. Mindset in Motion
      2. Spencer Hays: The Man…the Message…the Attitude
      3. Protect Your Mindset
      4. Attitude and the Alphabet
      5. The GAP Analysis Toolkit
    4. 14 See Yourself Stronger Daily
      1. The Strength Improvement Journey
    5. 15 The Power of Optimism
      1. Find the Pony
      2. Just for Today: A Daily Declaration
      3. Optimist Declaration
      4. Let the Real Games Begin
  8. Part Four: Creativity
    1. 16 We Are All Creative
      1. Question Your Life Up
    2. 17 The Master Key to Riches in Life
      1. Drive, Dedication, Determination, and Discipline
      2. Drive: A Component of Creativity
      3. Dedication: A Component of Creativity
      4. Determination: A Component of Creativity
      5. Discipline: A Component of Creativity
    3. 18 It's Heart Work
      1. You Are Creative
  9. Part Five: A Life Well Lived
    1. 19 You Must Finish Strong
      1. Going Home
    2. 20 A Life Well Lived
      1. We All Have a Story
    3. 21 My Stories
      1. Story 1
      2. Story 2
      3. Story 3
      4. Story 4
    4. 22 Finding Your “It”
      1. Understanding Your “All”
      2. In Conclusion
      3. A Gift for You
  10. 125 Life Lessons
    1. Chapter 2
    2. Chapter 3
    3. Chapter 4
    4. Chapter 5
    5. Chapter 6
    6. Chapter 7
    7. Chapter 8
    8. Chapter 9
    9. Chapter 10
    10. Chapter 11
    11. Chapter 12
    12. Chapter 13
    13. Chapter 15
    14. Chapter 16
    15. Chapter 17
    16. Chapter 18
    17. Chapter 19
    18. Chapter 21
    19. Bonus Life Lessons
    20. Chapter 22
  11. Index
  12. End User License Agreement