3Components of Mindset

As previously discussed, when you choose to live your life at Level 10, you will begin to explore the unlimited possibilities of your personal capacity. In other words, with all of your dials (your personal competencies) fine‐tuned to Level 10, you will quickly increase your daily opportunities and amplify your personal results. The good news is, that you, and you alone, determine the volume of your life. No one can force you to live below Level 10, in any area of your life.

I believe that you are the X‐factor in your own life. We have all heard people refer to other individuals who accomplish extraordinary things, as possessing the “X‐factor”. What is the X‐factor? I am convinced the choices you make, the decisions you reach and the habits you develop are the components that comprise your individual X‐factors. Your power to choose is the ignition switch that clarifies that you are the X‐factor in your personal dash through life. Let's examine the components required to develop a Level 10 Mindset.

Heart and Mind

In the positive environment created at Southwestern, it was impossible not to feel confident. The experiences we would be immersed in over the course of the next 14 weeks in the field would encourage, uplift, challenge, inspire, and test both our mental capacity and our makeup. What I couldn't have known at the beginning of the summer was how these opportunities would influence my personal growth in the future. While moving forward through my ...

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