8Stopping‐Stones and Stepping‐Stones

Steps 5 and 6: The Obstacles and Benefits

Learning to come face to face with the stopping‐stones between you and your goals is a critical step in mastering the art of goal setting. At sales school, those who had already traveled the Southwestern path had defined the obstacles for us in advance. There is a certain peace that comes with understanding the obstacles in advance. It is always better to prepare in advance, rather than to be surprised at the wrong time. Most people choose not to look at their obstacles in advance, because it forces them to do a reality check.

Along with the reality check that you need to do will come some tough questions that you will have to ask. And along with those tough questions that you will need to ask, will come tough answers, which will force you to make some difficult decisions. Remember, however, that the price you will ultimately pay if you skip this step is much greater than the pain of simply going through the process. By defining your obstacles in advance, you will be better prepared to create an action plan that will really work.

I believe that most of your obstacles are usually the result of the limiting beliefs that you cling to throughout your life. In order to reach your goals, you must come face‐to‐face with these limiting beliefs and then replace them with empowering beliefs. The use of the positive affirmations will ...

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