9Never Leave Home without It

Steps 7 and 8: The Price and the Plan

Are you ready to plug into the power source that activates your personal urgency meter and unleashes a massive amount of energy towards your goals and dreams? Can you commit yourself to a progressive way of life? Are you ready to begin a way of life that is filled with positive expectancy, passion, and power? Are you willing to undertake a way of life that is full of exciting new goals and dreams? Can you picture a way of life in which you are no longer just a spectator at the game, but one in which you are highly compensated to star in the competition? The Level 10 life is available to doers, dreamers, and creators like you.

Imagine yourself living a powerful way of life where massive action now replaces inaction. Picture yourself living a way of life where you are planning for the future that you desire, instead of worrying about what the future might hold. It is time for you to adopt a way of life where you can ultimately determine your personal destiny. If you are absolutely committed and completely ready for this inspiring way of life, then you must be dedicated to creating some grand plans.

At Southwestern, I learned the power of making a plan for each and every day. It was stressed ...

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