10Pursue Wisdom and Understand Fear

Steps 9 and 10: Learning, Usage, and Massive Action

Have you ever had one of those days when, regardless of your best effort, things just didn't go according to plan? A day when everyone you encountered seemed determined to share something negative with you? We've all experienced days like this. The ways in which we respond to these days have a profound effect on our ability to reach our goals and dreams.

I challenge you to treasure these days. Treasure them because, on a day when everything goes wrong, you have been blessed with an opportunity to learn and grow. Over the course of my summer with Southwestern, I developed a habit that has served me well for the past four decades of my life. I genuinely feel that every experience in your life can contain within it, a valuable learning lesson.

I have learned to question each experience for wisdom that will help me to perform better the next time that I encounter a similar situation. This process has had a profound impact on my ability to set and reach bigger goals. In keeping with my recipe analogy, the next ingredient to add is gaining personal experience.

I want to encourage you not to underestimate the value of this step. Would you like to find more success at work? Would ...

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