12Planning, Practice, and Preparing

Gold at the End of Effort

Can you remember a moment in your life when you were so filled with anticipation and excitement that you were immensely energized? You know the kind of day when you don't even need an alarm clock to wake you up, because of the mere fact that your level of anticipation is so incredibly high. I can unequivocally state that every day I worked with Southwestern was that kind of day.

As the week of training progressed, each day resulted in small steps of personal improvement. As I shared with you previously in this book, I had increased my goals, and I was stoked. My higher aspirations were motivating me every day. Are you energized by the 36 goals you have set and promised yourself to reach? Goals have a way of rekindling the human spirit. New goals will serve to motivate you and thereby increase your level of confidence, clarity, and certainty.

In fact, I was overflowing with positive energy. I had actually discovered something amazing the previous night that would provide me with an unfair competitive advantage over the course of the summer. Mind you, I said “unfair,” not “illegal”! What did I discover that was so powerful? I discovered ingredients that are available to all professionals but are used by only a few. They are on sale for the price of personal effort, yet they are seldom purchased.

What are these powerful ingredients? Well, I discovered that if you work your tail off, you practice like a person who is ...

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