13The Power of Attitude

Mindset in Motion

After a long but productive night of practice, it was time to get ready for our third day of sales school. Richard was curious why my bed didn't look as though I had slept in it. I think he was actually more worried than curious. I explained to him that I had spent the entire night practicing, and whether or not he believed me, his only comment was, “Are you nuts?” I replied, “No, I just want to be at my best today.” This is a real‐life example of the mindset‐in‐motion process. My decision to practice was a reflection of my attitude toward preparation. I was focusing on developing immense certainty.

We have all been gifted with vitality, willpower, strength, and enthusiasm. As we move forward, I want to encourage you to flip your free will switch to “on” and turn your volume dial to “10,” and that action will catapult you into the progressive mindset mode. We were not meant to be caricatures of a person who has misplaced their will to live as their best self. You are meant to do something incredible.

Over the course of my life I have learned that when I am excited and focused, I require very little sleep. I know that might sound crazy, but the only time I am tired is when I'm not focused on a goal or dream. Are you energized ...

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