15The Power of Optimism

Find the Pony

How important are optimism and persistence as they relate to developing a high level of certainty in your life? Do you believe that optimism has any direct correlation to your level of certainty from a mental perspective? Does optimism have a direct impact on the decisions that you make and the actions that you ultimately put into motion? The answer to these questions is an emphatic “yes.” The power of optimism and persistence cannot be overlooked if you have a desire to be confident, achieve clarity, and operate with certainty.

You must remember that if your perception is pessimistic, your reality will be that way too. I believe we are all dreamers at heart and for that reason alone; we must be optimistic in our mindset. In order to achieve our dreams, we must be filled with an optimistic outlook about the journey, the steps, the trials, the challenges and the opportunity. Personally, I have never met a successful pessimistic dreamer.

Success is not an accidental destination. You can't just take off on a journey, without having a destination in your mind and simply just hope to achieve your dreams by the luck of the draw. I believe when pessimism creeps into a person's mindset, they become a traveler without a MAP. Pessimism eats at your emotions, and it sabotages your thinking. Pessimism convinces you not to live a Level 10 life. Pessimism says to the willing listener, “Hey, just turn the dial to 6 and take it easy today.”

Pessimism is ...

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