16We Are All Creative

Question Your Life Up

My Goal

My goal in this section of It All Matters is to encourage you to dream again about what you really want to achieve in life. While writing this book, I have logged hours of time reflecting on the experiences of my life. My intention was to engage you in a real story of hard work, opportunity, goals, plans, actions, outcomes, and results. My mission was to avoid theory and provide you with effective MAPs at the end of each chapter that would give you the processes required for you to take action and implement positive and lasting changes in your life.

The Approach

I have participated in numerous conversations with my team members, colleagues, students, current and past clients, friends, and family. I have asked many probing questions, related serious and funny stories, laughed about experiences, openly discussed setbacks, listened to input and sought out lots of advice. I have spent hours thinking about my centers of influence, coaches, teachers and mentors. I have researched Southwestern alumni and reconnected with David Dean and Charlie Collins.

I have experienced some deeply emotional and sentimental moments as I recall all of the early mornings that I spent by a fencepost in Conway, Arkansas, where my grandfather, George W. Cummings, shared his words of wisdom. I have read back through my personal handwritten journals and reviewed the personal goal books that I have created throughout my many years of dreaming and planning. ...

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