18It's Heart Work

You Are Creative

As the sun began to set on my last Saturday in the field with Southwestern, I was in a great mood. My first 10 hours of the day had been immensely productive. Each family that was kind enough to open their door to a gangly, smiling teenager from Louisiana had been a pleasure to meet. My results had been tremendous. I had already closed nine customers with only three hours of selling time remaining. Momentum was on my side, and I was determined to finish strong. I was going to knock on my last door at nine‐thirty in the evening, just like I had done every other day of the summer. There would be no “packing it in early” on my last day.

Finishing Is a Matter of the Heart

I had a lot of joy in my heart on this particular day. My mind was filled with positive thoughts, and I was fueled by the realization that I was definitely going to reach or maybe even exceed every goal that I had set for the summer. As I look back on that time now, I realize that the majority of my success could all be attributed to the moments when I had refused to quit, give up, or allow negative circumstances to affect me mentally and emotionally. Each time I was challenged, I had learned to use my creativity to find new solutions and make the adjustments that were required to stay on track. Yes, I had actually been heart‐strong all summer long.

As I worked my way through the last neighborhood in Hurricane, ...

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