19You Must Finish Strong

Going Home

The summer sales cycle was now complete, and it was time to deliver the books to all of the families who had placed orders during my 13 weeks of selling. This was the most important week of the summer because until the books are delivered and fully paid for, the mission was incomplete. Now it was time to make my summer of hard work pay off by organizing all of my deliveries. I had been walking and hitching rides all summer long, but now I needed to have a car so that I could make all of my deliveries. It was time for some creativity and a dose of good luck.

I Need a Ride

I had met lots of nice people over the course of my summer experience. I had remembered that one family that I met owned a small used‐car lot in the city, so I decided to give them a call. After speaking with them, I made my way over to their house for a conversation. As it turned out, they had an old Pontiac Lemans that was nothing to look at, but it ran, and that's all that I needed. I affectionately named my new car “The Book Mobile.”

The old car had a missing front right quarter‐panel along with faded paint and torn seats. Needless to say, my ride was definitely a sight to see. The bottom line was that it only cost me $300 and I needed a means of transportation in order to deliver all of the books that I had sold. I was thrilled to finally have wheels.

Time Preparation and Planning

Regardless of what you do in life, you must have the self‐discipline to manage your time ...

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