20A Life Well Lived

We All Have a Story

We all have a story to share that's filled with memorable moments from our life. I am no different from you in that I have a story that's filled with moments of triumph and also a tragedy. My mother always told me, “Life 's difficult first, then you learn, and it gets better.” I have been through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows during my 60 years on this planet, such as when I started and lost a business early in my career because I chose the wrong business partner.

I have launched products that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, and products that I believed in even more that never produced a dime. I have spoken in stadiums in front of thousands of people and shared stages with countless celebrities. I have even spoken on a platform with the prime minister of Australia. I have also talked to half‐empty rooms filled with uninterested people impatiently glancing at their watches.

I took a year off from my career to travel all over the country with a legendary female singer as we delivered the “music and message” tour to raise money for battered women and children. I also worked with another amazing musical artist before anyone knew he was destined for greatness. In fact, he played at our retreat center and later he was married on my property. Every time I read about another sold‐out stadium show or hear one of his songs, I think back fondly on the days, nights, and conversations I shared with Zac Brown. ...

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