22Finding Your “It”

Understanding Your “All”

Let's answer the big question. What is the It in the philosophy we call “It All Matters”? You will discover your personal “It” lists by answering the questions we have posed and by completing the 20 MAPs contained in this book. There are a million reasons why some people might choose not to do the work.

The reason action is required now is because you “matter” far too much, to far too many people, to choose a lesser path when the life‐changing journey to all is awaiting your arrival today. Every life lesson, question, toolkit, and MAP were designed to guide you on a journey of personal self‐discovery to find your “it” lists, which are required for a life well lived.

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have taken this journey with me. They have embraced and implemented the processes in this book to do remarkable things with their lives. They are the proponents and advocates of the immense power of “Living a Level 10 Life.” These great organizations and individuals discovered their “It” lists, and then they took massive action to amplify their outcomes and results consistently. It mattered enough to them to do the work.

Do You Believe?

Do you believe you matter enough to find your unique greatness? Do you believe “It Matters Enough” to the most important people in your life for you to take massive action now? Is your future important enough to you that you will accept and acknowledge that the only way you will ever ...

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