Part TwoClarity

Sketch showing a backview of a man reading a paper that has the words “Today I Will” printed on it.

I Will Achieve Clarity

A Special Message from Robert Forrester

Paul's training and all of the strategies contained within this book have had such an impact on our company over the last 10 years that I almost don't know how to put it into words. I actually had the privilege of reading this section of the book prior to its release, while on a plane to a family vacation. I must say that it was truly a wow experience for me, as I felt a mixture of both remorse and exhilaration. I began to realize, as I periodically do, that my most productive times are when I have absolute personal clarity of what I must do.

The best personal example I have that exemplifies the principle of clarity goes back a few years, to 2006. The company that I had worked for at the time had been taken over and I suddenly found myself out of a job. My wife and I had two very small children at the time and we did not want to move. Over time I realized that my best opportunity might be to try and venture out on my own and create a new automotive retail business in the United Kingdom. I had very little money at the time, but what I did have was a great idea and lots of supportive people around me.

The new group that I envisioned was “real” in my mind, before it was created. I mapped out in great detail what it would be like. I could clearly envision what the company culture would be like, the people ...

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