Part FiveA Life Well Lived

Sketch showing a a pair of hands holding a scroll that has the words “A life well lived,... “It all matters” by Paul Cummings written on it.

I Will Be Creative

A Special Message from Brad Mugg

Over the past 15 years I have personally used Paul Cummings as a corporate educator for our organization. His unique ability to motivate individuals to set inspiring goals and complete the work that's required to accomplish their most compelling dreams is unparalleled. It All Matters is a profound collection of tools and action plans that will make a huge impact on any individual who has the courage and the willpower to do the work.

As you enter this final section, you have been provided with a step‐by‐step plan for living a life of genuine intention. The secrets to mindset mastery have been covered in order to teach you how to elevate your personal confidence to Level 10. No one teaches goal setting like Paul, and when you follow his 10‐step plan you will arrive at a new level of clarity. If you will embrace these strategies, as I have, you will see immediate results and the pathway to accomplishing your goals and dreams will become crystal clear.

Your newly found confidence and clarity will begin to accelerate your level of certainty. As you embrace the Level 10 way of life, you will take new actions that will change the course of your life, and in turn, your life will be overflowing with joy, happiness, and personal fulfillment. I believe that success is available to anyone who makes a committed ...

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