Chapter 2

Exploring Tasks, Roles, and Tools

In This Chapter

Discovering common tasks

Identifying enterprise architecture roles

Investigating enterprise architecture frameworks

In transforming the theoretical concept of the enterprise into concrete components, the enterprise architect brings together a wide assortment of business guidelines, rules, and framework elements. You may work alone or as the head of a team, depending on the enterprise’s size and complexity.

In this chapter, I identify common enterprise architecture tasks and the operational roles responsible for them. I also explain the rich set of tools for the enterprise architect: information technology governance, enterprise architecture frameworks, and project management techniques.

Examining Common Enterprise Architecture Tasks

As an enterprise architect, you perform many tasks when you design and implement an enterprise architecture plan, and those tasks vary widely in scope and focus. For example, finding ways to align technology and business needs is a high-level strategic task, whereas determining which anti-malware product to use is more of a focused operational task. The exact tasks depend on the organization and the scope of the plan, but the following sections list some general tasks that the architect should do.

tip.eps As you read through the following sections, make notes regarding the relevancy of each task to ...

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