IT Automation: The Quest for Lights Out

Book description


  • Maximize reliability, address downtime, and maintenance costs!

  • Planning, analyzing, and implementing your appropriate level of automated data centers and infrastructure operations

  • Real-world guidelines, methodology, and best practices

  • Organization, staffing, technology, deployment, and management tips from the experts!

  • Data center automation in distributed environments: practical advice and proven tools!

    Everyone wants a "lights out" data center and infrastructure operation-but in an era of distributed, Internet-centered computing, that's tougher to accomplish than ever. IT Automation: The Quest for Lights Out can get you remarkably close to the level that's right for you. In this book, a leading IT consultant, with the help of his number-one supporting cast, helps you define realistic goals for automating your IT data center and infrastructure, and then delivers a systematic, enterprise-level methodology that encompasses today's best approaches to achieving those goals, from planning through deployment and management. Coverage includes:

  • Analyzing your own operation to identify gaps and requirements for automation

  • Designing IT automation: steps, operations, and key considerations

  • Addressing the organizational and staffing challenges associated with data center and infrastructure automation

  • Redefining your technical architecture and administrative processes for maximum efficiency

  • Selling your IT automation plan throughout the organization

  • Post-deployment continuous improvement techniques for enhancing your "lights out" operation

  • IT Automation: The Quest for Lights Out contains all the hands-on resources you need to get results: sample project plans, process flows, IT org charts, and more. If you're an IT executive, operations manager, consultant, or vendor seeking to enhance the value of enterprise data centers, or even an IT Management graduate student, this is the one book that will get you there.

    Product information

    • Title: IT Automation: The Quest for Lights Out
    • Author(s): Howie Lyke
    • Release date: December 1999
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 0130137863