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It Starts with One: Changing Individuals Changes Organizations, Third Edition

Book Description

As many as 60% of organizational change initiatives fail. This means that many normally successful, motivated, and determined managers nonetheless struggle to lead change effectively. Most of those leadership failures share a common cause: managers mistakenly believe that organizational change is brought about by changing the organization. The truth is this: organizations change only as much or as fast as individuals change. And, to change individual behavior, you must first change the mental maps guiding that behavior. In It Starts with One, Third Edition, J. Stewart Black identifies the three critical "brain barriers" managers must break through in order to start, deepen, and sustain needed change. With new cases, examples, and tools for executing successful change initiatives, this edition dives even more deeply into the personal aspects of leading strategic change – as well as the unique challenges posed by driving change in global business environments. One step at a time, Black shows how to use their tools and techniques to bring solutions to life -- and transform change from a hope to a profitable reality.

Table of Contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright page
  4. Praise for the Previous Edition of It Starts with One
  5. Dedication Page
  6. Contents
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. About the Author
  9. Preface
  10. 1. The Challenge of Leading Strategic Change
    1. Failure Rate
    2. Inconvenient Truths
    3. Dynamics of Change
    4. Implications of Change
    5. The Crux of the Challenge
    6. Simplify and Apply
    7. The Fundamentals of Change
    8. Overview of the Book
  11. 2. Barrier #1: Failure to See
    1. Blinded by the Light
    2. Placing Ourselves at the Center
    3. Distorting Our View
    4. Upright Maps
    5. Summary
  12. 3. Solutions and Tools for Breaking Through Barrier #1: Helping People See the Need
    1. Contrast
    2. Confrontation
    3. Combining Contrast and Confrontation
    4. Creating High Contrast and Confrontation
    5. Pulling It All Together
  13. 4. Barrier #2: Failure to Move
    1. Clarity: The New Right Thing
    2. Capability
    3. Consequences
    4. Pulling It All Together
  14. 5. Solutions and Tools for Breaking Through Barrier #2: Helping People Make the Move
    1. Step 1: Clarity
    2. Step 2: Capabilities
    3. Step 3: Consequences
    4. It Starts with One, But Where to Start?
    5. Pulling It All Together
  15. 6. Barrier #3: Failure to Finish
    1. Getting Tired
    2. Getting Lost
    3. Overcoming the Final Brain Barrier
  16. 7. Solutions and Tools for Breaking Through Barrier #3: Helping People Fight Through the Finish
    1. Providing Champions
    2. Charting Progress
    3. Pulling It All Together
  17. 8. Pulling It All Together
    1. Digital Disruption
    2. One Call, That’s All
    3. Making Change Personal
    4. Summary
  18. 9. Getting Ahead of the Change Curve
    1. Crisis Change
    2. Reactive Change
    3. Anticipatory Change
    4. Cost and Difficulty of Each Type of Change
    5. Change Penalty
    6. Conclusion
  19. Index