CHAPTER 3Be out of balance to be in flow

So often gurus tell us to find a balance in our life, but what does that really mean? Eight hours’ sleep, eight hours’ work and eight hours’ fun? I’m not sure if balance can be achieved through time allocation; however, it can be achieved by taking small, incremental steps that create a state of mind — a feeling of being in flow.

What do I mean by being in flow? It is best explained as the feeling you have when everything is working out for you. Goals are achieved with a greater sense of ease, even a feeling of effortlessness. One opportunity leads to another and that leads to another, which ultimately opens a door for you to attain a goal you had previously had no idea how you could achieve. It is a set of circumstances that manifest themselves in your life, connecting you to the right person and moving you forward and closer to your next milestone.

It does not mean you have no challenges, but you seem to be able to take them in your stride. You are calmer, more composed and find simple solutions that are easy to implement and resolve the issues.

Often what happens is that in hindsight you see or find the reason for the challenge being given to you in the first place. Being in flow means being on purpose, pursuing the goals that are right for you, living the life you have predetermined, and believing you deserve those results.

The opposite to being in flow is being stuck.

Have you ever felt stuck in life? Nothing seems to be working ...

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