CHAPTER 22Your plate is only so big

We live in a fast-paced, busy-being-busy world where there is an endless to-do list, an ever-renewing set of deadlines and challenges that need our attention, and never enough time. I believe one of the key reasons people don’t achieve their most important goals is as simple as that they have no space in their life, no energy to manifest and no room on their plate to allow that goal to come true.

To allow greatness to come into your life, you need to create space.

What do you need to let go of or stop doing? Sooner or later you need to let something go to free the space and time for your goals to manifest themselves in your life. The simple action of not doing something that holds you back sends a powerful message that you are willing to change and that a spot is open for what is important to you to come into your life.

It is hard to achieve all that you want when you have no time, no space and no energy. How are you going to do everything on your plate right now, let alone all the things you want to achieve in the future?

A common challenge some people face is a tendency to say yes to everything. All too often people with great potential and kind hearts suffer from yes-itis: Yes, I can do that for you. Yes, I am happy to help out. Yes, I have time to complete that project. Then when it comes to the crunch you are overcommitted and overwhelmed and wonder, ‘How am I going to do all this?’ When this happens you tend to put yourself last, ...

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