CHAPTER 29There is no substitute for experience

We can talk about it, think about it and philosophise about it, but to truly gain a sense of whether it is the right job, hobby or business for you, there is nothing like going out and doing it. Experiencing is about taking yourself out of your known environment and trying something different or new.

It could be learning something outside your normal area of interest or expertise. Over the past couple of years I have engaged in very different types of learning experiences for no other reason than to gain a different perspective. I’m fortunate in that I have been able to look inside a Toyota car manufacturing plant in Japan and learn the value of continuous improvement. I’ve attended a photography retreat in New York, where Bob Sacha from National Geographic taught me the value of being curious and looking for what is around the corner. I’ve attended a Buddhist meditation course to realise the value of being still and listening to my intuition.

It is this willingness to engage in different experiences with an open mind and an open heart that I believe helps us to hear those messages that will shape our thinking in the future. The next level of experiencing is taking the time to pursue an interest, to try something new just once.

My eldest daughter wanted to take up archery as a sport. She did her research and organised the date to attend the introduction session. She was excited: ‘I really want to do archery,’ she told me during ...

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