I have been fortunate to have spent much time over the years talking to thousands of people about their passions, purposes and plans. For me it is always interesting to see where people are on their journey towards their goals. I have identified six different mindsets that people fit into when it comes to setting and achieving goals. I have seen first-hand their mindset around how they feel about achievement, the characteristics they display when they are achieving, and the mental lassoes they entwine themselves in as they achieve their goals or don’t. Let me share with you some of these insights to help you determine your own position at this moment in your life.

We have all experienced these six emotions in some form or another as we have moved through life. Achievement is a double-edged sword: it can inspire us to go to the next level or it can cut the ground from under us as we reflect on what we could have done or could have been.

There are five mental lassoes that limit us as we seek to achieve our goals and dreams, and there is one mindset around achievement that I call the certain that we all need to work towards to live a passionate, productive and positive life.

The certain

The opposite of certainty is doubt. Doubting yourself, your abilities and your sense of worthiness is the first stage in a downward spiral towards feeling disappointment and despair.

All of us ...

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