Whenever you set a goal you will be challenged by distractions, the ‘noise’ of things that just don’t count in the big picture of what you are endeavouring to achieve. If you want to achieve all that you are capable of, focus is the core skill you need as part of your DNA.

There are many ways to remain focused on the things that count in your life. Here I’ll propose 12 different ideas, which can be classified into three key areas — visual, auditory and kinaesthetic (or V.A.K.). I will share with you some time-proven strategies on how you can remain focused on your key goals using V.A.K. as the formula for focus. That way you can align the focusing techniques with your preferred style of recalling and remembering what is important to you.

Goal focusing techniques

If your preferred learning and recall style is visual, then these visual goal ideas would best suit you:

• Create a goal board. Pin pictures of the goals you want to achieve onto a corkboard or whiteboard, and place it somewhere you can see it, review it and focus on it often.

• Visualise yourself achieving. Take time out on a regular basis to visualise yourself achieving your goals. It only takes a couple of minutes each day. Picture yourself achieving the successful outcome.

• Create a visual presentation. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to create a presentation of the goals you want to achieve in the year ...

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