The fact is that to achieve all you are capable of achieving you are going to need to change. You have to become the living example of the person you need to be to achieve the goals and create the life you desire. Change is not always easy; in fact, it is often uncomfortable and inconvenient. However, what sets people who become truly significant in their lives apart from people who merely survive is that they change before they need to, before they have to or are made to change.

When it comes to change you have two choices. You can be the . . .

“Victim of change or the catalyst for change”

When you are the victim, change happens to you and around you, it challenges you and you react to it. If you avoid it, change will bite you.

As a catalyst you are also challenged by change, but to become the person you need to be to achieve your goals you have to be proactive. You have to tackle change head on, accepting that you well be uncomfortable and inconvenienced along the way. To obtain control over change you first need to be a catalyst for change.

Victims spend their energy complaining about change, wishing it never happened, thinking of ways to hide from it. They remember ‘the good old days’. Catalysts, on the other hand, spend their energy looking for the opportunities and possibilities, and thinking about what they need to do to be better equipped in handling the change.

You can ...

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