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ITIL Capacity Management

Book Description

Capacity management, one of ITIL's key disciplines, offers powerful opportunities for IT organizations to control cost and improve effectiveness. In this book, leading ITIL expert Larry Klosterboer systematically explains how to manage capacity using the ITIL framework and techniques. He covers every facet of ITIL-based capacity management, offering proven solutions to the capacity management problems IT organizations encounter. ITIL Capacity Management covers these and many other topics:

  • Understanding the "geography" of capacity management
  • Evaluating capacity demand and outlining the dimensions of capacity growth
  • Establishing and staffing a best-practice Capacity Management Information System
  • Defining and managing capacity plans
  • Relating capacity to performance
  • Selecting the best capacity management tools for your environment
  • Understanding the role of business capacity planning This is the third book in IBM Press's highly-respected series on ITIL implementation.

Previous books, also written by Larry Klosterboer, include Implementing ITIL Configuration Management and ITIL Change and Release Management.