It's All About Relationships: What ITIL Does Not Tell You

Book description

'Service managers globally will want this book on their desk as a reference when designing processes and as THE 'go to' guide during their daily work ...' Chris Evans, ITSM Specialist

A unique holistic approach to ITIL in the real world As more companies begin an adopt/adapt initiative based on ITIL guidance, they quickly realize that looking at single processes in isolation is not enough. To benefit fully from the framework, companies have to look at the relationships between processes, understanding upstream and downstream impacts.

However, advice on using this approach has not been readily available ... until now.

Manage ITIL like never before

Practical, sensible and sound advice from industry experts The authors bring together their extensive practical experience to provide a guide written for IT professionals, ITSM practitioners, Service Owners and Process Owners, university students, and in fact anyone working to adopt the ITIL framework or needing a deeper understanding of its interfaces.

'Suzanne's and Kathy's knowledge and attention to detail shine through in the very high quality of this publication. No doubt you will find it indispensable and in short order, I'm sure your copy will be well used and dog-eared!' Dwight Kayto PMP, ITSM Fellow, ITIL Expert

This book has completed the accreditation process with APMG – licensees of ITIL® products, and is an Official ITIL Product

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  • Title: It's All About Relationships: What ITIL Does Not Tell You
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2013
  • Publisher(s): IT Governance Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781849284998